Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wow, we did it.  There is still quite a bit of stuff at the home place, but we did get everything here at the Cabin that we needed.  Nothing broke, The Fisherman didn't leave anything littering any roadways on the way here.  The fun part was on the drive up, the winds were 20 to 25 miles per hour.  It was unreal.  We kept checking not a thing budged.  I was very proud of him.

 The picture above is a watercolor that Yetzirah did for me, she lives in the general area of the Cabin and is also a knitter.  She originally lived near the home place, and belonged to the same knitting group I belonged to and I follow her blog.   When we were thinking of finding a place I contacted her and we made a connection it was great.  We plan on doing things together when I am at the Cabin.  Knitting, shopping in neat little shops, hitting up the thrift stores, knitting and talking, talking, talking.

The first morning here I was looking out the bedroom window at this very large white water bird.  At first I thought it was a swan, until it turned it's body and I saw it was a Pelican.  There are numerous places here where the Pelicans migrate to and this lake is one of them.  So far I have only seen one, I keep looking and hoping for more.  I really want to take a photo of one.  They are fascinating funny birds.

This is the yarn that I brought to work on here this summer.  It is in a King size pillow bag and it is stuffed.  It is all my favorite acrylic yarn to play with.  Some is worsted weight and some it DK.  With this yarn I hope to create some hat patterns.  There is some yarn in there I plan on making a baby sweater with, probably The Five Hour Baby pattern.  I love working with the pattern it is so effortless.    I haven't unpacked the yarn yet but that will be this afternoons treat.  So I am off to unpack.


  1. WOW -- LCANNON IS ACTUALLY SMELLING THE ROSES!!!! Isn't retirement great!!! When I can stay out of the hospital, we travel to Oregon and enjoy our family/grandchildren. I've also extended my gardening and reading. Love and miss you. Helen A.

    1. Yes, kinda sorta. The fisherman is still working part time. I am the lady of leisure (you know that really isn't true). The humor is every time we stop in a rest area on I-5 I look for you and John. We are heading up to Seattle this coming week to baby sit. I am doing this blog for the fun of it and so far enjoying it hoping to blog at least twice a week. I am having some issues with connecting to certain things, but it is coming along. I too am doing a lot of reading and of course a lot-lot of knitting and the traveling is interesting. So glad you found my blog. Thank you for the comment.