Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finished object (finally)

Here are 2 photos of my granddaughter in her finished sweater.  I finally sewed in all the ends from the stripes and put on the buttons.  The yarn is from Cascade it is a washable wool blend and great to work with.  The white looking base came from a local thrift store and was a real bargain.  The pink/purple/multi yarn was also Cascade from my local yarn shop, Babetta's.  Babetta helped me pick out the yarn to use for the mix.  I was worried there wouldn't be enough yarn as I had no true pattern I was following and no idea of how much I would need.  The pattern is an amalgam of 3 patterns.  It is a top down raglan with added button bands and hood.  I felt the white based yarn was too much white to stand alone and wanted to add color.  I used the whole skein of the multi yarn.  Of course it is too big, somehow when you go from 18 months size to a size 2 the patterns make a large leap in size, but she is definitely still growing so that isn't a problem And my model is only available every 8-10 weeks or so, so it is a guesstimate.  I finished it the day before we left to come home.

On Sunday grandson came to spend part of the day.  In the background you can see everything from the trip.  It still isn't gone yet, as some is going back with us tomorrow.  He loves his rocking horse and his cowboy hat.  I was very fortunate to find the old timey wooden rocking horse at a garage sale.  It is solid and wonderfully made by somebodies grandmother.  Who would almost be a great great grandmother to my grandson.  When I bought it I didn't even have a hint of grandchildren and I was mocked by my husband and my children for getting it.  Ha jokes on you!  It is painted wonderfully and it rocks great.  The cowboy hat sits on the horses head and when grandson comes he always goes for a ride wearing his hat.  He loves hats and anytime I come across a different one we pick it up.  

Well by for now, off to get better organized for tomorrow morning.

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