Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lists, lists, and MORE lists.

Somehow the picture is upside down, kind of like me right now. The notebook on the left has dividers and pages of notes. Each day before we leave is listed. Each day we are gone is listed as to where we are staying. Then there are the lists you can't see that have the things we usually forget. And all the other lists are, do it now lists, grocery lists, and what I still need to accomplish. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Long Time Gone.

Well I have been away way too long and I need to start somewhat fresh, with a new adventure. In about 8 days we will be taking a Nostalgia Trip. We are leaving the Sacramento area and heading East. We will be going to some of our favorite places along the way. We will be stopping in Jackpot Nevada, not a favorite, but a necessary stop.  Then on to the rivers The Fisherman loves. Stopping in Yellowstone one night and hoping the fires don't drive us away. Then another stop outside the park on another river. From there it will be either Bismark or Fargo North Dakota, you all know Fargo right?  And on to a little town on the Wisconsin, Michigan border, Land O' Lakes Wisconsin. No, they do not make Land O' Lakes butter there, that started in Minnesota. When we are there I will be reliving my childhood and attending my Watersmeet High School reunion. The Fisherman will be fishing, Anywhere  and everywhere. We met in this town. The Fisherman was a grad student studying, what else, fish in what became The Sylvania tract. It was owned by Fisher body Company, you know the original people who built cars, body by Fisher was a saying. Famous people used to go to this small town and enjoy wonderful vacations. So this will be my new restart. Oh and there will be yarn shops and knitting. And I might even go to an Alpaca farm. Oh and I forgot, the fall colors should be in full swing. It is called Colorama, there. Bye for now, off to work on my lists. You know, so I dont forget anything. We have actually gone on a fishing trip and The Fisherman forgot his rods. He luckily had reels. It became an expensive fishing trip.