Monday, April 29, 2013

Ok, no pictures today, but there will be.  This is one photo op waiting to happen.  We have the "sweetest person," who is allowing us access to his house "the cabin"  for the next few months.  He has made the transition so easy and has been very generous.
The Fisherman has been frantic, he had this little disaster with his inflatable (think Zodiac) and has been working on it frantically.  There have been so many setbacks and little nudges, that he decided that this is not the time to be taking it to the lake.  Later, we have this really hectic schedule coming up, so I am very happy.
There really is not that much to take up, and it will all fit easily.  My yarn to go, is in a king size super plastic pillow bag and it weighs (a lot).  This is my project for the summer.  "Sweetest person" will find his abode covered in yarn.  But it is really a drop in the bucket.  Someday I may show you my stash, which is slowly migrating to an upstairs bedroom empty dresser.  I swear it grew legs and walked up there all by itself.  This bag may be a revelation for the Fisherman.  It is kind of large.
Well, now that I have everything (that is a joke) ready to go, I should go and pack the necessities, like undies, and clothes and all those things.  Oh yeah, and my computer.
Bye for now, Libation consumed and things need to happen.

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