Saturday, May 25, 2013

Finds and close to finished

We came up on Thursday and the Fisherman stopped at one of his favorite fishing holes to see how The Shasta River was doing.  The smell of the Scotch Broom drew me in.  We decided to pick some and when we drew up to the cabin the blue flowers were blooming, and perfect so I added them.

I started knitting Thursday night on a baby sweater,  it is a gift for a grandmother to give to her first grand-daughter.  She has 6 grandsons and this will be the first girl.  When they were changing residences we bought a loveseat, lamp, and some other goodies from their sale.  This pattern is one of my favorite easies.  It is made with Caron SImply Soft yarn this is my go to yarn for people who I don't know well and it is wash and wear, no worries.  I will probably make a hat and bunny slippers to go with it.

The color doesn't show as well as I would like in this picture, but the yarn is soft pink and the multi is a pink ombre.  I don't know if I like the combination as well as I would like, but it looks better now at this point.
I always snort when I say this is a 5 hour sweater.  It is from Ravelry and it is the 
Five hour baby boy sweater.  It is a great pattern and I can play with it.  It takes more than 5 hours, at least I think it does.  I knit Continental and I a pretty fast.  But then I have never just sat and knit on it for 5 hours.  So who knows.  The pattern book underneath was from a local Thrift store.  There are some great ones in the area and I have some goodies I have been picking up.  I think I mentioned the bread maker that had only been used a few times and works marvelously.  If we run out of bread I can make some.  I pre-bagged my measured out flour and have the other ingredients on hand, so easy and it does all the work.  
This is my favorite find.  It is a milk glass footed bowl and was a bargain.  I love milk glass and I was excited by this find.  The basket I will show another day, it was also from a thrift store and will be perfect with yarn in it.  
This little rocker was from the same store, it was too cute to pass up.  The pound puppy was found in a box in the garage, so I brought it along.
The bottle of wine was marvelous, we had it with our Friday night dinner.  I was looking for a wine that didn't give the Fisherman a headache.  I was at Trader Joe's on Greenback in Citrus Heights and ran into the Sommelier, they have now.  She is a wonderful lady who had just started there.  We got in a discussion and I was telling her about the Fisherman and she recommended 9 different wines in my price point of 5 to 6 dollars.  I was going to bring them all up and we decided to leave some at home.  She told me to take pictures of the wine I liked from the choices so I could buy them again.  This was just yummy.  Will buy it again.

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