Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bats in My Belfry

I actually do not have a picture of the "bats in my belfry", the bats reside in a vent in a roof peak.  We are protected from them but they do make rustling noises.  In fact the picture of Pippi is not the one I wished I had taken.  Earlier she had hid her head between the pillows on the sofa so she couldn't hear them. They eventually calm down and you don't hear them.  They are only here during the warm months.  No one disturbs them because they are great bug catchers.
She is so sweet, loving and patient, and one of the best companions.  
I was finally able to finish the Five Hour (ha ha) Sweater, I am pleased with how it turned out, the buttons are mother of pearl in a pink-mauve tone shaped like flowers.  They are the same ones I used on Granddaughters sweater. I will make a hat to go with it next.  

We came to the cabin on Wednesday, the Fisherman found out Tuesday afternoon he had to be at a meeting on Wednesday.  It was a whirlwind, luckily we were basically ready to go.  We will probably have to always be ready to go for the Fisherman's job.  

The weather is gorgeous, what can I say.  We have had the Pelicans visiting in front, at first it was 2 and then at one point it was 6.  They are herding fish so they can catch them.  There are other birds there with them, but it is fun to watch them
The photo is not too clear, I did take a photo with a regular camera, which I will work on uploading.  Another group that appeared are the deer, they are like squirrels around here.  There are so many wandering around.  I guess they are a nuisance for the gardens and the landscaped yards, but there are not as many of those as you think.  Around the golf course there are more landscaped houses, but not where we are.  
I promise to do a better job about photos, will have to work on it.  

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