Friday, April 26, 2013

Well, this is exhausting.  We are very fortunate, the place we are renting, henceforth known as "the Cabin"  is almost completely furnished.  It has some very nice things that are there, we have a great TV which only will get a few channels, enough to see the news, the weather and a few regular shows. My husband "the Fisherman" will have to DVR hockey games from his computer at home.  There is a DVD player and we can watch movies, it has internet connection, a must for us, workwise and lifewise.  I couldn't do this blog without it.  There are beds, some other general furniture and a dining table.  We have acquired a loveseat from out moving neighbors.  We had 5 old oak chairs, which have to be padded or your fanny goes numb.  We were fortunate in that I did not have to acquire much of kitchen "stuff"  We had previously had a motorhome and of course it had bedding and other things, sitting in boxes in our garage.  But it is the things that make you comfy that I have been gathering.  The challenge is I am frugal(cheap) and only want bargains.  So this is why I am exhausted.
We will be loading our pickup truck Monday and going up on Tuesday.  We will undoubtedly look like travelers from the dust bowl.  I will make sure to take pictures to post.  I will nag at the Fisherman to make sure nothing falls off.  We have all seen furniture lining the freeways and I do not want to be a casualty.
Knitting has been limited to The Grrlfriend Market Bag (yes that is how it is spelled)  which I found through Pinterest and Ravelry.  As soon as I can get the connection to them I will post with the picture of the finished bag.  It is really a very simple pattern, which works fine now as I am very simple minded at this point and it is about all I can accomplish.
I will chat again whenever my brain is working.  I am off now for a "libation."  That will help ease the exhaustion.

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