Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Disappearing Mouse and the Disappearing Blogger

The Fisherman stole my mouse.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.  Not really, well he did steal my mouse and that was how this long, long, hiatus happened.  When we were at the lake the wifi would have issues.  And sometimes being on long enough was tricky.  I think every time more than 5 people were on someone was dropped and it always seemed to be me.

The mouse doing a disappearing act happened because the lap top the Fisherman inherited from me was hard to use unless you used a mouse.  And we only had 1 mouse that was wireless and I really love that mouse.  It is small for one thing and it can sit on the corner of a laptop for a mouse pad.  And finding a replacement became tricky as I am very parsimonious when it comes to replacing things that I already have.  When I realized the mouse was not returning home to my computer it was October, and a lot of things were happening.  But first I am going to catch you up.
This is the Pip squeek waiting to catch up.  She is doing the typical terrier sprawl.  It is one of my favorite things she does.  Our Schnauzer used to do it too and so do "The Boys" up in Seattle. 

In early August my Nephew JC and his mother, one of my Sister's in law came for a few days.  We had such a good time with them and we convinced JC to come back for a visit to go up to the lake.  Everybody loves the pictures with the tree so we had to showcase another one.  When he and his mom visited the Boober and his mom and dad had a conflict.  But the Boober came with his dad and spent the day with JC.  They swam, they had water gun fights and they just hung around.  The Boober told JC all about the bats at the lake, and how they came out at night.  We were heading up there that night and JC was really looking forward to sitting on the porch and watching them fly off into the night on their quest for bugs.

It was a typically beautiful night.  We had a goofy quick dinner and the deck and waited for the bats to appear.  And waited, and waited.  We had built this whole scene into a big production, flying bats everywhere.  Swooping on bugs soaring into the night.  OOps, guess who decided to migrate in the last few days we had been there.  We had a big no show.  We had a disappointed nephew, who told us that if the Boober hadn't told him the story about the bats he would have thought we were pulling his leg.  We went to bed.
The next day the guys got up and went to do a survey, at least the pelicans did not disappoint.  There were so many more than the last time we were there.  They were also obviously migrating.  Even the deer showed up to prove that they existed.  And the Bald Eagles, so he wasn't completely diappointed.

While they went off to do a survey I worked on a fake Fair Isle hat design. 

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