Monday, February 17, 2014

Finished Objects The Blogger Returns

 I kind of left you with my starting on a project.  This had been in the works for a while.  I found the plain orange-rust yarn, it is a single ply 4 weight 100% wool.  Then I found the same yarn in a multi stripe.  I had always wanted to make a Fair Isle something so here was my chance.  At first the yarn seemed too thin for a 7 or 8 needle, but when I worked on it, it bloomed.  And softened and became yummy.  It was neat to get into the rhythm of knitting Fair Isle, something I have probably not done since I was 20.  My goal was to work on this fake version ( I have 2 more hats in the works) to prepare myself to make a steeked (eeek) sweater.  Or maybe I will just make a flat version, sewing and cutting scares me.

I was really pleased with the finished project.  The hat is a semi beret and the pattern is on my Ravelry projects page.  The next ones I am working on are random Fair Isle patterns.

I also started on baby boy sweaters.  My only married niece was pregnant and we didn't know the sex.  I wanted to make sure to be creative in making boy sweaters.  
I didn't have any baby boy baby yarn kicking around so I got to look for yarns that appealed to me.

This was yarn that I got in a thrift store it is Caron Simply Soft and I ad just enough blue to make the sweater and a hat.

This is yarn from JoAnne's and off the top of my head I cannot remember what it was.

I got this yarn at a thrift store also and decided to make a hat.
And then we had some more company who also had a great time, and all too soon it was time to move out.  

I am very fortunate to have a copy of this picture.  It makes my heart happy and brings me joy.  It is a smaller version and I had enough copies for special people.  

This kind of takes us to the end of October unless I find some more pictures with stories, so good night all.


  1. OOOOooooo! That first yarn… wow, that really pops doesn't it???


    1. Yes it really does, and that is what prompted the whole experiment.