Saturday, February 22, 2014

Something Current Before Something Old

This sprightly chicken came to me in the mail on Thursday, he managed to make me very happy.  Just looking at him makes me smile.  His creator is a fellow blogger "Yetzirah" and she makes these marvelous cards and little pictures.  She sells them in the summer at a farmer's market in Etna, CA.  She is a friend of the heart, a fairly new one that makes me feel like I have known her forever.  She is very crafty and creative. Her felted purses are phenomenal, they are tastefully colorful and have special little touches.  She is becoming a very good gardener, and wants to actually own live chickens.  The little one on the card is a start.  She was doing some cleanup and when she got done she passed it on to me.  This kind of cleanup I will take on any time of course if you can't figure out why you don't know me very well.  Here are some hints. They are destined to make me use my brain and be more creative.

Great colors!

Soft and squishy, Yummy.

Did you guess?   What else would make my heart go pitty pat but yarny goodness.  I will take that kind of cleaning out any time.  I am still smiling 2 days later.  But of course I have all these other things in the works that need to be finished first, a shawl for a designer, a pair of socks for a friend, 2 of my Fake Fair Isle hats, a chemo cap, and a deadline gift that my daughter needs.  They are all languishing on the needles, waiting for me to get my act together.  The shawl and the socks are top priority and then the next things.  Oh dear not enough knitting hours in the day, and of course I have to do some reading in there somewhere.  Sometimes I can knit and read on my Kindle at the same time, lately not so much and that is the lead in to the continuation of "Something Old" (besides me)

It all started to snow ball the day before Thanksgiving, it was a kind of over cast day in the beginning and the Fisherman wanted to go fishing.  But first I had to go get my mammogram and we both wanted to get flu shots.  We got both done really pretty early in the day and went up to the Yuba River.  The Fisherman fished and Pippi and I sat in the car and I knitted, I was working on some socks for a birthday gift.

Before we left I had finished this short sleeve sweater as a test knit for another Raveler.  it came out great, too small for me, but was passed on.  But I digress.

As you can tell it was a little warm in the car.  Pippi and I did get out except for some reason I didn't take any pictures.  The Fisherman hooked a few and we drove home.  The best part of the trip was seeing all the migratory birds in the rice fields, there were swans and geese and of course ducks.  When they would take off and move in a group it looked like a huge wave in movement.

We spent the next day with the Bubber and his mm and dad.

The photo above the Bubbber is what I was working on that day, they were washcloths and so much fun to make.  I found the pattern through Pinterest.

The Bubber was his usually smiley self, always a joy to be with.  My SIL made the turkey the way we had made it the year before, we split it in half and put stuffing under the halves and roasted it that way.  It takes a lot less time, stays moist, the legs get cooked through and you have lots of crispy skin.  You know the unhealthy part.  I got to retell my story of the turkey with no skin.  My children were taught to cook very early and we ate turkey once a month at least.  So when I was Real Estating they would put it in the oven to cook.  I came home a little late one day and the turkey was resting, when I peeked at it I was a little surprised, it had no skin.  The two of them had been picking at it the whole time and picked it bald.  Needless to say this current turkey went to the table pretty bald too.  

The skinless turkey can barely be seen on the left.  

He was enjoying the caveman or Renaissance Fair approach and didn't put the drumstick down till he was done.  It was an excellent meal.  And of course it wouldn't be complete without PUMPKIN PIE! as my grandson says it.  He said quite emphatically as he actually helped make a PUMPKIN PIE from scratch so he gave us all the details and served the pie.

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