Friday, July 12, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

It was really hot the other day when I took this picture.  I think it was 97 degrees.  Pippi kept going outside and sitting on the chaise waiting for me to come out and join her.  When the weather is in the high 80's I will go out and sit and knit.  It was way too hot for that, but she thinks if she waits there I will come and join her.  Instead I was sitting messing around on my computer.

You can tell what she thought of my being on the computer as she tried to edge it out of the way.  I had been reading a knitting magazine previously and she didn't like that either.  It was the Autumn 2013 Creative Knitting.  It has quite a few great patterns in it. 

When I didn't respond the way she wanted, she really got in my face.  This is her PLEASE, please face.  It didn't work.  We did go out when it was starting to cool a little and swim.  She loves being in the backyard with someone.

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  1. This photo gives new meaning to the phrase… hairy eyeball.


    Y of the northern mountains… :-)