Sunday, July 7, 2013

10 Pound Dog Swims the Sacramento River

I know the picture is hard to see of the dog, but you do get to see the Fisherman with something in front of him.  The water in the Sacramento river where it flows into Lake Siskiyou is just below the Fisherman's knees.  Pippi isn't that tall.  She was on a leash, but took off into the water to swim.  He followed along for safety sake.  She made it across.  It was a gorgeous day.  The Fisherman and his buddy fished in Lake Siskiyou, the fish were too wily and they did not catch any.  But they had fun trying.  The buddy's wife and I joined them after they had been there a while.  It is a great little lake.  Lots of people take advantage of it.  There is a path around the lake for hiking and biking.  There is a beautiful picturesque suspension bridge and plenty of beaches.

View of Mount Shasta from Lake Shastina Golf Course
The Fisherman, his fishing buddy and the buddy's wife went golfing on the morning of the 4th of July.  They were very fortunate as the temps stayed under 80 till they were done.  In fact the whole time we were there the temps weren't too bad.  At night it cooled down into the 60's so it was even better.  The course has 27 holes.  I do not golf, in fact it is a standing joke about my inability to golf.  I was and still am (sometimes) quite athletic.  When I met the Fisherman I was still in college, he and his parents were avid golfers.  So being the person I was, I decided I would take golfing as a PE requirement in College.  I thought I did really well, until the time came for me to go out onto a course for longer than an hour with the Parents and the Fisherman.  After 9 holes (it was an 18 hole course) we decided I was hopeless and left it at that.  I haven't golfed since.  The interesting thing is the course we were on was at the Hotel (resort) I grew up at.  Famous people played on this course, one being Dwight David Eisenhower, you know one of the ex presidents.  People loved this course.  It was beautiful, has great water hazards, and a neat landscape but it did not help me to be a better golfer.  

When we were ready to come home I found 3 more of my unfinished projects.  I had been looking for them and thought I brought them and they were tucked away.  Something to work on this week and I will post the finished objects.  

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