Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weather Extremes

We were at home and it was in the low 90's.  Our grandson came to swim.  At first he was a little hesitant.  He will be 4 in August, and he really does not remember much about swimming but he picked it right up again and got braver as the time went on.
He swam so long he got wore out.  But he was till smiling.  

We left on Friday to go to the cabin, so beat the heat.  Our temps were going to be up to 108 so we headed north were it was only going to be in the 90's.  It wasn't too bad, we figured out how to make the air conditioning and ceiling fan work together.  On Saturday I went to Weed to check out the thrift store and The Mercantile and the local Ray's Market.  I found these hankies.  I thought my daughter might like them.
I remember these as a child.  People gave them as tokens, a small gift for someone.  I remember how important it was to pick the perfect one for someone.  I have a few of my own tucked away, but these were too sweet to pass up.  

I also found this pie plate.  For me it ends up having another fond memory.  I have 2 dear friends who still live in Texas.  At one time the Fisherman worked for Texas Instruments, on the Hudson River and a lot of the people were from Texas.  The Fisherman went often to Dallas for meetings.  I never got to go.  So there was an opportunity for me to visit my friends in Texas when we lived in CA the first time.  I remember the East Texas Pottery from Marshall, Texas.  At the time I couldn't afford to buy any pieces, but I remember how much I liked it.  So for me this was a find at a quarter of its retail price.  I had been looking for something for fruit to have on the counter and this fits the bill perfectly and if I want to make a pie even better.  

The Fisherman was going to float the Scott River on Monday because the weather had already started to be slightly cooler.  He had to scrap that thought as in places it was too low even for the inflatable.  But the river at this bridge was gorgeous and I had to take these pictures.

I did drop them off in a different spot and he and his assistant walked a mile and a half up the river and back and I went to the little town of Etna.  I got to spend time with a fellow blogger Yetzirah and we talked and knitted.  She has this great garden going.  She gave me a yummy salad from the garden and a specially brewed tea she is working on.  We met through our commonality of knitting and a knitting group we both belonged to in Sacramento.  I truly enjoy her company and sense of humor.  

We will head home on Wednesday as the Fisherman ended up going to a meeting on Tuesday.  The weather last night turned completely as a front moved through and it became much cooler.  The birds on the island were actually quiet, probably because they were cold.  

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