Sunday, June 1, 2014

I've been busy and the Internet is Awful

Definitely over Memorial Day weekend the Internet was so busy that you could hardly do anything.  We have Comcast and sometimes it is as slow as the commercials with the turtles.  They were working on it in the neighborhood recently and said it will improve, HAH!  Any way I have been busy too.
We went to Oceanside/Vista to see my Sis-in-Law her hubby and son.  We had a great 4 days.  It was beautiful and we enjoyed every minute.  Even the drive down wasn't bad and the drive back was a piece of cake.

When we came back the Bubber and the Fisherman were able to get into the pool and the spa, which was fun for the little guy.  He has finally learned to put his head under water, so this should be a big year for him to improve his swimming skills.  He loves the pool and playing in the water and of course we do indulge him. 

We had a chance to go to the farmers market, love my fresh produce, the funny thing is I probably buy the same things every time I go.  I am learning to not over buy for the 2 of us, but it is hard.  It is yummy and I love good produce.  I actually like cooking sometimes.

I started working on test knitting for different designers on Ravelry.  It has been so much fun, this is the back of Circe which the designer  Jenny Wiebe has now published.  I did the 6 month size and I loved it.  It gave me a chance to improve my Fair Isle knitting skills.  The back is just as pretty as the front.

I am still looking for the right buttons for it.  I know I have some somewhere, but need to get them out of hiding and on the sweater.  I may also do a little embellishment on the front.  Still thinking, say some flowers on stems coming up fro the green, like they are growing out of a garden?

This hat was another fun, test knit.  Raindrops on Window by Meredith Shepard.  I did the small size and I loved doing this one too.  She is very professional, as was Jenny in the preliminary pattern and so they were a joy to do up.  It as Circe was a fast knit and had a great outcome.  

I have more pictures, and more things finished, but they will have to wait.  The internet is on overload and I cannot get it to respond to post more pictures.  

There is an adult sweater for me, that I started and finished, and it fit!! which is a big deal, and the designer for that deserves her credit and then some more hats, and those designers deserve credit.  One of the hats required my stash diving, and boy did that create havoc of the good kind.  I am trying to reorganize the stash and make it even more accessible for certain things.  I promise a picture of the room in its current state.  The Fisherman plays an online Tank game and he has been jokingly saying that one of the tanks got loose in the room.  It is better than blaming Pippi which is what we usually do.  So off I go to take a picture of the total chaos a tank can do.  I also promise to post sooner than later. 


  1. You HAVE been busy!!!

    I am very jealous of those peaches in your produce. :-)

    You can over buy those any day in my world. Heh heh…

    Y. in the mountains.

  2. Yes, the peaches were WOW. Yes and the yarn you gave me aided in the busyness too.